rDynamics: Simplifying complex projects.

rDynamics: Simplifying complex projects.

rDynamics is a consultancy company that offers free expert advice and a variety of premium services such as engineering design, project management and software development.

How it works

rDynamics was founded by Robert O'Sullivan who has worked nearly a decade now in project management and engineering for medical device, oral solid dose and chemical API factories . Our current client work is in sustainability.

  1. Book a discovery call with Robert to talk through your goals and projects.
  2. To help with your projects Robert draws on his industry contacts or solutions from his educational background in Automation, Manufacturing & Design Engineering or Computer Science, specifically Data Science and Machine Learning.
  3. When you are ready, Robert manages all the moving parts of your project so you can stay focused on the big picture.

How much does it cost

We always give free advice to help develop your end goal. When you are ready we charge a fee to fund our efforts to help you achieve your end goal.

We do pro bono work (free of charge) to help open source projects, non-profits, startups, hobbyist, students and academics.

If you would like Robert to arrange a discovery call and see how we can help, just enter your information below and click 'email me back'.

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